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Sélection de cd's Soul-Disco : Chic

C'est Chic
Soul Vaccination - Téléchargement gratuit musique mp3 et vidéo divX

Chic : Chic

1. Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)
2. São Paulo
3. You Can Get By
4. Everybody Dance
5. Est-Ce Que C'Est Chic
6. Falling in Love With You
7. Strike up the Band

Date de sortie : 1977


Chic : C'est Chic

1. Chic Cheer
2. Le Freak
3. Savoir Faire
4. Happy Man
5. I Want Your Love
6. At Last I Am Free
7. Sometimes You Win
8. (Funny) Bone

Date de sortie : 1978

Chic : Risqué

Chic : Risqué

1. Good Times
2. Warm Summer Night
3. My Feet Keep Dancing
4. My Forbidden Lover
5. Can't Stand to Love You
6. Will You Cry (When You Hear This Song)
7. What About Me

Date de sortie : 1979

Dance Dance Dance : Best of Chic

Dance Dance Dance: Best of Chic

1. Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)
2. Everybody Dance
3. Strike Up The Band
4. Chic Cheer
5. Le Freak
6. I Want Your Love
7. Good Times
8. My Feet Keep Dancing
9. My Forbidden Lover
10. Soup For One
11. Savoir Faire

Date de sortie : 1991

The Best of Chic, vol. 2

The Best of Chic, Vol. 2

1. Rebels Are We
2. What About Me
3. 26
4. Will You Cry (When You Hear This Song)
5. Stage Fright
6. Hangin'
7. Give Me the Lovin'
8. At Last I Am Free
9. When You Love Someone
10. Your Love Is Cancelled
11. Believer
12. You Are Beautiful
13. You Can't Do It Alone
14. Tavern on the Green
15. Real People
16. Just Out of Reach
17. Flash Back

Date de sortie : 1992

Chic : Chic-ism

Chic : Chic-Ism

1. Chic Mystique
2. Your Love
3. Jusagroove
4. Something You Can Feel
5. One And Only One
6. Doin' That Thing To Me
7. Chicism
8. In It To Win It
9. My Love's For Real
10. Take My Love
11. High
12. M.M.F.T.C.F.
13. Chic Mystique (Reprise)

Date de sortie : 1992

Chic Live at the Budokan

Chic : Live at the Budokan (Import)

1. Bernard Introduction
2. Band Introduction
3. Freak
4. Dance Dance Dance (Intro)
5. Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)
6. I Want Your Love
7. Sister Sledge (Intro)
8. He's the Greatest Dancer
9. We Are Family (Intro)
10. We Are Family
11. Do That Dance
12. Good Times (Intro)
13. Good Times/Rapper's Delight
14. Stone Free (Intro)
15. Stone Free
16. Chic Cheer
17. Backstage
18. Bernard #2

Date de sortie : 1999


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